Door-to-Door Sales – Does it Still Work for 2022?

door-to-door sales a guide for 2022

When it comes to using door-to-door sales for lead generation, it seems as if most businesses bypass the practice entirely and opt to instead focus on all things digital.

Honestly, there’s good reason for that.

Today, everyone is on the internet, particularly social media, hence many online strategies being available that offer a high ROI without a whole lot of effort.

With that said, a personal touch can go a long way.

Even today, nothing can  trump face-to-face contact. It proves a business owner is going the extra mile it takes to generate leads, build out their business, and above all else, make their client base happy.

To be successful regardless of your niche, a mix of personal and digital marketing is usually necessary.

But what about old school, boots on the ground, door knocking?

This blog post will take a better look at door-to-door marketing so you can determine yourself whether or not you want to include it in your marketing campaign moving forward.

What is Door-to-Door Sales?

Just as the name implies, door-to-door sales involves knocking on homeowners’ doors to introduce yourself and tell them a bit about what your company and what you have to offer. It often involves using a rehearsed script that allows you to get to the point and tell the person what you’re all about.

There are many different scripts to use depending on who answers the door.

If what we’ll call a decision maker answers the door, as in the person in charge of whether the family buys or sells something, you’ll want to use a slightly more aggressive script. Start by maybe complementing their home or yard and then move in for ‘the sell’ once you feel they’re opening up to you. You can further entice them with numbers and stats at this time, but it’s important to keep things brief right out of the gate.

If a non-decision maker comes to the door, as in a child or someone that isn’t the homeowner, ask them if the actual decision maker is home. If the answer is yes, get ready to deliver your script when they come to the door. If not, politely leave, making sure to leave behind a business card and / or flyer if they’ll allow it.

If on the off chance no one comes to the door, you should still leave behind your business card or flyer as well as a written version of your script for them to consider just for added measure.

Keep in mind:

The script you decide to go with to pitch your company with should not sound too forced or improvised. When it comes time to bring it out, be on the lookout for social cues in regards to how willing the person seems, and don’t overstay your welcome.

Never pressure them and be sure to always thank them for their time.

What are the Benefits of Door-to-Door Sales?

Door-to-door sales is no easy feat, but it comes with its fair share of benefits.

Here are just a few to consider:

· It Increases Leads: the script you use when going door to door will provide you with just the right words to say to land leads with little effort.

· It’s low cost: knocking on doors is a cost-efficient way of generating leads.

· It affords you control: outside of occasionally having the door slammed in your face, having a script that provides you with exactly what to say will leave you feeling ready to conquer all.

· It’ll Helps You Stand Out from the Competition: since door-to-doorisn’t a commonly used marketing strategy, the few companies that do use it as a technique will stand out from the competition.

· It Improves Your Brand Identity: when going door-to-door, make your brand identity clear. It gives you the opportunity to show face, deliver your message, and finally, leave behind your marketing materials.

Tips for Developing a Successful Door-to-Door Marketing Strategy

Here are a few tips that will guarantee your door-to-door marketing pursuits will produce the most optimal results possible.

Before going out, consider the value of the homes in the area where you’ll be knocking on doors. You will be best off hitting homes that are currently rising in value, as those will be the homeowners most willing to buy whatever you’re selling.

You can also take the neighborhood qualities into mind. Certain qualities such as walkability and proximity to parks and emergency services imply high home values. You are best off knocking on doors in these areas.

The most valuable homes (and eager to buy homeowners) also tend to be located in good school district zones.

Targeting retirees is another smart strategy, as seniors are often home and willing to listen to sales pitches.

However, know when to head out. While you may feel that door knocking will be most effective at night, as that’s when most people are home, many individuals will be looking to relax with their families in the evening and may see your visit as an unpleasant and unwanted interruption. That’s why it’s always best to limit your door knocking activity to the daylight hours and snag the sales you can then instead of at night.

When you do go knocking, just make sure you leave something behind whether you have spoken to someone or not. This should come in the form of a flier with your website and/or phone number on it.

It’s also immensely important that you be human. It’s essential to come across as a person first and a salesman second. Be kind, understanding, and use emotional intelligence to steer your words and actions.

That means before you leave, regardless of whether or not you get the lead, thank the person you speak to for their time.

Just like your Mother probably always said:

“Be polite, it goes a long way.”

The final tip?

Dress the part. Make a good impression by wearing a professional outfit when you go out door knocking. Just be sure to keep in mind that you will also want to stay comfortable, so wear the right shoes, and if you can even use a pair of sole protectors.

Dealing with Rejection

One of the hardest parts of door-to-door marketing, like with anything in life, is obviously rejection.

Let’s face it: most people who open their door to a salesman will not be interested in buying. However, they aren’t the people you’re going out for, either. Focus instead on those few eager buyers that will make it all worthwhile.

On door-to-door marketing, Stellar Service Group owner Tevin Jackson had to say:

“Sending a team out to hit the pavement and knock-on doors will never stop being a lucrative marketing method for small business owners and larger companies alike. I would know. I’ve helped various clients generate huge leads this way. It really is a slept on technique.”

Sure, doors closing in your face is never fun, but it will be a lot easier for you to deal with if you brace yourself for it ahead of time.

Some people may even simply politely close the door on you. They won’t act aggressively or yell. Just learn to accept it. Remember: rejection won’t damage your reputation as a business owner at all. You can simply accept their answer and move on.

The fact of the matter is, door-to-door marketing is an old-fashioned strategy that is still proving to be effective for 2022. It’s doesn’t take any major investment to do, and if just one hour of your time turns into a major lead, it will be well worth the effort.

So…what do you think?

Will you be adding this method to your marketing toolbox for 2022 and beyond?

We hope you got some value out of this blog.

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